Saanich Police nab driver going more than double speed limit

Saanich Speeder

A driver going more than double the posted speed limit on Vernon Ave. this morning was stopped right outside the Saanich Police headquarters.

Cnst. Markus Anastadiades says the Traffic Safety officer's attention was drawn to a fast moving vehicle in the 50 km zone, and clocked it at 120.

"The officer was in an unmarked truck behind this vehicle and noticed it accelerate very quickly down through Vernon, towards the highway, towards our office actually, and was able to pace the vehicle up to 120 kms per hour. So quite fast. The posted speed limit as everybody knows on that stretch of the road there is 50 kms an hour."

The driver told the officer who stopped him he was trying to make a ferry. He didn't make it:

" That's correct. So, the driver was issued obviously a ticket for speeding -- 70 kms and over the limit there, invoked a fine of $483 dollars and the vehicle was subsequently impounded for a period of 7 days."

It turns out the driver has been prohibited from driving 4 times in the past.

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