Scout leaders and scout troop all safe near Sooke

Sooke Search

It's good news all around after an overnight search in the Sooke Hills and Jordan River. 

Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue spokesperson Vikie Weber confirms 2 missing scout leaders, a man and woman, are okay after spending the night in the bush:

"The scout leaders have been loctaed. They are well, and have been returned to the base camp and are being looked after."

After the weather turned during a wilderness outing,  the 2 leaders decided to try to retrieve a vehicle parked about 10kms away. They planned to come back and pick up the rest of the group. But they didn't make it and had to hunker down for the night.

Weber says the group of scouts -- aged 11 to 14 -- along with their leader, were found last night by searchers. But they had to stay where they were because the creek had risen dangerously high.

Weber says they are now being led out:

" And they also are all well and warm and comfortable, but are anticipating a long bushwhack to get to our UTV vehicles.  And then they'll be brought back to base camp.

Weber estimates the hike is about 3 hours, which will get them to camp by about 5:30pm.

She say all were well-prepared with food, dry clothing and supplies.  She adds the scouts will have a quite a story to tell about their adventure.

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