Second trial for Andrew Belcourt finds him guilty of second degree murder


A BC Supreme Court Jury has found Andrew Johnathan Belcourt guilty of second degree murder in the shooting death of a Fernwood man in March 2010. 

The jury was  tasked with determining whether Belcourt intended to kill 52 year old Leslie Hankel.  Hankel suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and lived alone in his apartment on Pembroke St. when he was shot during a botched robbery.

It's the second time Belcourt has been found guilty of the crime.

In November 2012, a jury convicted Belcourt of second-degree murder. A co-accused, Samuel McGrath, was convicted of manslaughter.

But Belcourt appealed his conviction, saying the trial judge did not properly instruct the jury on whether he had the necessary intent for murder.

Belcourt pleaded not guilty, but offered to plead guilty to manslaughter instead.  That was rejected by the Crown.

Belcourt's sentencing will take place at a later date. Belcourt was 19 at the time of the shooting.


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