Second Victoria tattoo studio fires artist amid allegations of sexual assault

Painted Lotus Tattoo Studio

**Warning, explicit content**

For the second time this week, a Victoria tattoo studio is announcing they've fired an employee due to claims of sexual assault.

Painted Lotus Tattoo studio released a statement on their social media platforms on Tuesday, July 7th, saying they had terminated Corey Lyon and that they support the work of Victim's Voices Canada, where a post was made claiming Lyon had sexually abused a client.


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Artist Dave Hadden was also terminated this week from Carne Tattoo following allegations of sexual assault.

The post in question, made anonymously a day after Painted Lotus' post, says the artist was examining her for an under breast tattoo when he picked her up and put her on his table.

"That's when the little lightbulb in my head went on and I realized this was sexual. This was close to another particularly traumatizing sexual assault experience so I froze up and allowed everything else that happened to happen including aggressive oral sex."


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Lotus Tattoo said they were shocked by the allegations.

"We hope for everyone's sake that this was an isolated incident, but cannot in good conscience stand by Corey's actions. He is no longer employed at Painted Lotus. We are grateful for, and stand by the work that Victims Voices Canada does giving a platform for victims to be heard. This is an industry with a long history of toxic behaviour that has been swept under the rug. We want to support survivors and prevent abuse wherever possible."

Another poster on Victims Voices Canada claims Lyon was also inappropriate with her.

"The incident with Corey Lyon is not an isolated one. I was tattooed by him a few years ago and the entire experience was uncomfortable for me. The tattoo I was getting was on the back of my arm so I was laying down while getting it done. Corey continuously ran his hands up and down my back and the backs of my thighs and at certain points would rest his hand on my butt. Throughout out the tattoo he kept calling me baby girl and sweetheart and repeatedly asked if I was single."


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In an email to CFAX 1070, the owner of Painted Lotus said they are focusing on the mental health of their clientele, studio and staff.

"The damage caused by abusers traumatizes their victims, and from this experience, we know it also goes beyond that. Our entire community is damaged, families torn apart, and the sacred professional trusts between artist and client have been broken. We hope that the current whistleblowing movement gives victims a voice and a chance to heal first and foremost. For those seeing these accounts from the outside, we hope it creates more opportunity for accountability and self-assessment in our industry. As tattooers, we can all do better to create a place of trust and safety.  We are humbled by every human who allows us to work with them everyday. The trust they extend to us is deserving of the utmost respect and we will continue to evolve with this as our focus."
Lyon has not been charged and none of the allegations have been tested in court.
Corey Lyon could not be reached for comment at this time of this publication .

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