Shamrocks GM calls out WLA's failure to protect players


The general manager of the Victoria Shamrocks is calling for an overhaul of the Western Lacrosse Association (WLA) following a season in which he lost 4 players to season-ending injuries.

And Chris Welch says if something isn't done soon the league may not survive.

Welch was pondering walking away from the sport following Victoria's loss in the Mann Cup this summer over frustration with seeing his players injured on plays that should be called penalties but aren't.

Welch says the problem is some of the older guard of officials isn't adapting to orders to get shots to the head and off-ball slashes out of the game.

Welch says he feels the league's failure to protect players is having a trickle down effect on dwindling registration numbers for youth lacrosse in this province, as well.

"There is no protection of star players. There is no protection of goalies. There is no protection of goalies period.  And his has to stop. Players are getting hurt, players are refusing to come  back.  And I think it has a lot to do with why you see declining registration numbers."

Welch has been battling to get an officiating review system in place for years. He will take part in WLA board of governors meeting later this month in Whistler.

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