Shawnigan area pet owners warn of possible dognappers in the region


Residents of Shawnigan Lake and Cobble Hill are on alert after 2 suspicious incidents involving dogs.

RCMP Sgt. Tim Desaulniers says in an incident last month, 2 women approached and took a resident's dog -- but returned it soon afterwards.

Then, on Saturday (Sept 7) a resident of Cartlon Drive in Cobble hill reported letting her dog out for a run. Thankfully her father arrived and witnessed a woman trying to lure the animal into a white SUV:

" When he asked what she was doing, basically she said that she had hit the dog and was trying to get it to help it. The owner of the dog actually came outside, realized that the dog was fine and that wasn't true.   And after a couple more attempts of the lady trying to get the dog to come to her, she eventually gave up and got in her vehicle and drove away."

A woman on the Community Facebook page says it's not the first time the woman tried to lure her dogs.

Community members are warning pet owners to be on the alert for a mother-daughter duo with a long list of animal-related convictions in Alberta and B.C.

While there are reports the pair have been spotted in n B.C. -- Shawnigan Lake RCMP can't confirm they are on the island.

" None of that has been confirmed to our knowledge. But if people do have incidents that thewy find suspicious they arte asked to report it to us."

For now, Desaulniers advises pet owners keep their dogs close.

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