Sidney Council urged to re-hang Queen's portrait in chambers


The Monarchist League of Canada is weighing in on Sidney Council's decision to quietly remove the Queen's portrait from its Chambers, with plans to replace it with Indigenous art.
In a release, the League states whether a City Council wishes, or does not wish, to exhibit a portrait of The Queen of Canada, in the 68th year of her service, is not significant in terms of the embedded place of the Crown in our country -- but adds, when an absurd reason is given for removal of the emblems of Monarchy, it needs correction.

The removal was explained as reflecting Sidney Council's commitment towards reconciliation with First Nations.

But the Monarchist League argues removing the portrait of a Monarch who has fostered "close ties First Peoples throughout her Reign, and who has no responsibility for the politics, law-making and actions of elected officials, is illogical."

They say the Queen personifies the rule of law, which guarantees courts function impartially, and legislative bodies reflect the results of elections, and the constitutionally-provided process of law-making.

The League argues removing the portrait is likely to create precisely the opposite effect of reconciliation, and by implication, lay blame on the one actor of our constitutional processes whose record is impeccable with respect to her relationship with First Nations.

They say Council should re-hang The Queen's portrait, and do so  proudly.

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