"Sour Outage": An Island beer crafted during a power outage

Riot Brewing CTV Van Isle

The massive windstorm in December not only affected Vancouver Island residents, but also businesses, including the Chemainus based Riot Brewing.

A batch of dark beer was in the middle of being boiled when the power went out, but thanks to the quick thinking of the brewers, it was salvaged and turned into a special brew.

North Island Sales Representative, Sam Swanson, says they had a choice: dump the batch or sour it.

"We had about six hours, if the power didn't come on in six hours, we kind of made a plan to save the beer.  We added some raw malt, which has naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria in it, sort of the same as a yogurt or sauerkraut bacteria. And then that soured for three days, which was kind of fortunate, because after three days power came back on, and we got to boil it, and we added hops and it became a Kettle Sour"

She says the brewmasters added some plum and passionfruit to the batch, adding a fruity finish to the sour beer.  The final result is named the "Sour Outage".

Riot Brewing would have lost 2000 litres of beer, but because of the quick thinking, 1700 litres were saved.  

However, the brewery did take a hit, losing $20,000 in sales due to closing the tasting room and losing some of their malty beverages.

The batch of "Sour Outage" is in the middle of bottling process, and is expected to hit the shelves of liquor stores in two weeks.

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