Stolen Pomeranian puppies returned to Langford owner


Two puppies stolen from a Langford home last week are back where they belong. The organization ROAM -- Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing -- posted a notice that both puppies are safe.

It was 10 days ago, on November 27th, 3 people arrived at Tracy Vandekerkhove's home on the pretence of adopting a puppy.  As 2 of them distracted her, the other one took off with a male and female puppy.

The pups -- named Mila and Stripe -- were too young to be separated from their mother, a therapy dog. And Mila was not only fragile, having been bottle-fed to help her survive -- she had been promised to a young girl who had helped care for her.

According to ROAM's post a man realized the female pup he had purchased for his daughter was Mila. He contacted ROAM, who verified it was her through her microchip.

A few days later someone dropped Stripe off.   ROAM says it's not clear who that person was.   West Shore RCMP were investigating, but have not said if they have any suspects in mind or if charges will be laid.

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