Strong demand for RVs in the north despite rising costs, supply shortage

Strong demand for RVs in the north despite rising costs, and supply shortage. Sergio Arangio photo

The RV industry has been experiencing a two-year shortage in supply, along with inflated costs for those in stock, plus rising gas prices.

Yet, an RV dealer in Timmins said that hasn't been stopping people from looking to camp out in comfort as the summer season kicks off.

Richard Tache, who owns several RV dealerships in the region, said demand hasn't shifted much from pre-pandemic levels.

"Definitely, people want to get out, definitely have some relaxation," said Tache.

"We're starting to value our time. We work hard, but we also want to play hard. So, it's a good opportunity with the camping lifestyle."

He said the price of buying an RV has jumped about 20 per cent over last year, typically increasing every three to six months.

The Canadian RV Association said 2022 started with a backlog of orders, but more supply is rolling into the country in recent months.

"So far, as of March 31st, wholesale shipments to Canada are up almost 30 percent," said the association's president, Shane Devenish.

"We still think people are going to continue to enjoy RVing across Canada, especially up north."

Devenish said the majority of campers will most likely either stay the course with their camping plans, camp closer to home, or plan longer trips to fewer destinations.

With industry organizations celebrating RV and Camping Week, he said RVing can be more cost-effective and less frustrating than travelling overseas for a vacation.

"You get into your RV and you drive, as soon as you're ready to go. It's your home away from home," Devenish said.

"It's a lot more convenient taking your home with you, than having to worry about getting through the airport."

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