Swift Water search teams search for man in Sooke River

Missing Sooke Men

Teams trained in searching in dangerous water conditions continue to look for a young man in and around the swollen Sooke River.

 Two bodies were recovered yesterday, and the truck the 3 friends were riding in was found in the river along the 3-thousand block of Sooke River Rd.

  Eric Blackmore, Cory Mills and A.J. Jensen, all 20 years old, were last seen about 10:30 Friday night at Jensen's parents' house. It's not known yet who was found, and who is still missing.

  Vickie Weber, senior search and rescue manager with the Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue Team, says there's no sign of him yet:

" No unfortunately, no sign yet.  There's lots of debris in the river, and so there's lots of clues that the search teams are finding, and the RCMP are having to sort through those."

Weber did not specify what has been found. Meantime she says searchers are in the water and on land as well:

"We've got some highly trained swift water rescue technicians who are in the river. Some of them in kayaks, and some of them are swimming or on foot searching in the swift water. As well as swift water-trained people on the shore, searching along the shoreline as well."

The search area encompasses from Sooke Potholes down to the mouth of the river.

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