The City of Victoria is looking for a new Artist in Residence

art mural

The City of Victoria wants to fill the Artist in Residence position with a professional artist who has experience in visual media and performance arts, and can work with city staff to create public art that will enhance the city and broaden the community's involvement in the arts.

 Arts, Culture and Events Liaison for the City of Victoria, Andrea Walker Collins, says it's a comprehensive and collaborative position within the city.

"We're asking them to come in to the city, be able to sit down at the table with our various planning departments, and think about art when we're considering projects that are going forward.  Artists have the capacity to think in a creative way, and to be able to have them at the table and share that with our various departments is very important to us."

Collins says the contract for the selected artist lasts two years, and despite the $42,000 salary, the Artist in Residence is a part time position, logging just 20 hours a week.

"The decision to come to that particular number was really taking to consideration the fact that we're asking this artist to come in to a municipal government and sit at a table with engineers, and architects, and people who are in prominent positions.  And we wanted to make sure that there was a bit of equality in terms of the capacity that that person has."

She adds that the part time schedule will allow the artist to work on the projects for the city, as well as any personal pieces.

The city is expanding their search for the Artist in Residence this year, opening up the application to any BC resident.  More information can be found here, and the city will also be holding an information session at the Victoria City Hall on Wednesday, April 17, from 5:30-7:00pm.  Expressions of Interest are currently being accepted, and can be sent to the city here.  Applications are due by Friday, April 26, at 4pm.

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