UPDATE: Malahat closed after fatal truck roll-over

Malahat Rollover Crash August 22 2018

The collision on the Malahat this morning resulted in a death and a raw sewage spill.

At 8:10 this morning, a septic truck collided with an SUV just north of the Goldstream Boat House exit.

The driver of the truck is deceased, and the driver and passenger of the SUV were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

An estimate of 200 gallons of treated sewage may have been released, as well as an unknown amount of diesel from the compromised saddle tank.

But the environmental emergency response team that were on site say the spills were contained tot he road, and no waterways were affected.

Efforts are being undertaken to pump off the remaining sewage from the impacted tank

The Responsible Party is in the process of retaining a Qualified Consultant to address any cleanup concerns.

RCMP Collision Analyst and investigators are on the scene  determining the cause of the collision.

The highway will remain closed until the investigation is complete.

The Ministry of Transportation has implemented a detour along the Pacific Marine Route, and drivers are asked to use caution as there are several 1-way sections.

Filayson Arm road is not available as a detour, and drivers trying to use it will be turned around.

After being closed for over 7 hours, the Malahat has reopened and traffic is flowing in both directions.

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