UVic Student Society takes fight over "2-tiered" tuition system to the Province

UVic Student Protest 2

A large student protest at a UVic Board of Governors meeting failed to convince enough members to reject a tuition hike for international students.

A Student Society spokesman says it means an international student coming into the institution in fall 2019 will be pay an additional 15% this fall, on top of the 20% hike implemented last year.

The spokesman, who wishes to be identified simply as Phil, says it effectively creates a 2-tiered tuition system, culling low income international students from the student body, and going against the university's commitment to diversity in education.

Phil says a letter demanding change has been copied to both of BC's Education Ministers:

" We cc'd both the minister of higher education and education minister on that letter. That's an attempt to speak to not only the university, because we do think there are internal policies that the university could take if it actually views itself as, like, an honest actor in this situation. But also these issues have to be raised with these ministers."

As many as 300 students protested outside the board meeting.  But after 100 crowded into the meeting chambers and began expressinbg themselves, the meeting was moved elsewhere.

Meantime, Gayle Gorrill, UVic's vice-president of finance and operations,  says the university needs to balance the need to provide services to international students with the need to cover costs of inflation.

No decision was made on another student demand -- that the university divest itself from investments in fossil fuels.

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