Vancouver Island votes: What to know before heading to the polls in Canada's federal election

Voters across Vancouver Island are headed to the polls Monday to cast their ballots for Canada’s 44th Parliament.

Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. across British Columbia.

A full list of candidates in all seven Vancouver Island-region ridings is available here.



Most voters will have received a voter information card in the mail with the address of their polling station. Alternatively, you can find your local polling station online through the Elections Canada Voter Information Service.

Eligible voters are required to show a piece of photo identification with their current address on it.

Alternatively, voters can bring two pieces of non-photo ID if one of the pieces shows their current address (ie: a utility bill and a student ID card).

Anyone without these forms of ID can still vote if they declare their name and address in writing and bring a witness to vouch for them. The person vouching for them must have their own ID to prove their name and address.


Voters are asked to take proper COVID-19 precautions when going to polling stations.

Election workers will be wearing masks and voters are asked to do the same. Masks will be provided at polling stations for those who need one.

Hand sanitizer and single-use pencils will be available at poll locations. Voters may bring their own pen or pencil if they prefer.

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