VicPd Chief says increased foot patrols have had a positive impact

Del M

Victoria's Police Chief says he's pleased with the results of increased foot patrols in the downtown core in areas of concern.

Chief Del Manak says -- with no additional resources -- they've been paying overtime to get a more visible presence.

" I don't have any additional officers, so what we're trying to do is we're trying to do the best with the resources that we have, and a lot of the officers are actually redeployed on overtime."

Manak says there are other ways they're trying to increase their presence:

" The tactic we're using is high visibility vests so that they're easily seen. Sometimes with the dark uniforms the officers are pretty much walking on the street,  but they're not as noticeable."

Manak thinks the increased patrols are paying off:

" There has been a difference.  I wouldn't, well, there are arrests that come with it.  But I think a lot of times is what the community is looking for in those kind of high areas of concern, what they're looking for is a sense of relief that the police are there and that they feel safe walking through those neighbourhoods with their children, and that the police will be there to make sure that they are protected. So, I have seen a difference." 

Chief Manak says they're trying to target key times and areas in order to be efficient with their staff resources and overtime budget.

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