VicPd find loaded improvised firearm inside stolen vehicle


VicPd have a man in custody after finding a loaded firearm inside a stolen vehicle.

During the noon hour Monday a traffic officer in the 17-hundred block of Douglas noticed a vehicle that had been reported stolen the night before from the home of a
Royal Jubilee Hospital healthcare worker.

The vehicle was running and a man was in the driver's seat. Several officers were called to the scene, and the man was arrested.

A search turned up a loaded, improvised firearm, along with drugs, stolen property, and other weapons -- including knives and a baton.

The improvised firearm, also known as a "Zip Gun," was equipped to fire 12-gauge shotgun shells. 

Although there were no injuries during the arrest, the man was taken to hospital due to medical concerns. He was later released and is being held in custody.


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