Victoria council considers idea of Free Transit

bus fare sign

Victoria city council is eyeing the idea of free public transit across the region.

Mayor Lisa Helps likes the idea, but at least one Victoria city councillor says a plan -- isn't feasible.

On Thursday, Victoria city councillors passed a motion urging the regional transit commission to begin phasing out bus fares as a way to build ridership, get people out of their cars, and fight climate change,

Councillor Geoff Young says the loss of funding generated from fare boxes -- would not be financially prudent.

"It cost a lot for transit from Sidney or Sooke to downtown Victoria. If we started to expand that up island, we'd need a lot more resources to handle an increase in ridership."

The resolution would be sent to other CRD councils and the Victoria Regional Transit Commission for final approval.

Following the announcement, GrumpyTaxpayers of Victoria spokesperson John Treleavan tweeted that Victoria council should look at the Denver, Colorado model, which offers free transit during weekday morning rush hours

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