Victoria Harbour Ferry Service won't shut down afterall

Harbour Ferry

Victoria Harbour Ferry Service won't cease operations afterall.

In a last minute deal Harbour Ferry president and CEO Barry Hobbis sold 55% interest in his 30-year-old service to the Ralmax Group -- representing 11 different companies around Victoria's upper harbour.

Hobbis announced Friday his company would have to fold after a lease agreement could not be worked out with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

But Ralmax Co-CEO, Sage Berryman,says they were able to reach a lease agreement with the GVHA:

"There are some long standing relationships between ...  we know the GVHA quite well and we are familiar with the management team at the Harbour Ferry. So it was a matter of just getting everyone together.  And I think sometimes just having an external persepective on leases and things like that help move it through.  So we were able to reach a compromise that works for everybody and make sure things colulkd keep going."

Hobbis will continue to manage day-to-day operations -- the little ferries will contiue to make stops throughout Victoria Harbour, including Fisherman's Wharf.

The value of the deal has not been released.

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