Victoria marathon swimmer to attempt historic double-crossing of Juan de Fuca Stait Saturday

susan swim

There have been a lot of ups and downs and time to focus on her upcoming swim.

Victoria ultra-marathon swimmer Susan Simmons will set out tomorrow from Ogden Point for a double-crossing of Juan de Fuca Strait.  If she completes the swim, she will become the first person on record to ever do so.  It will take Simmons about 24 hours to compete the 66 kilometer swim and she will need to follow strict guidelines in order to qualify.

"It's considered non-assisted, so no wet suit or any other assistive devices.  I'm not allowed to touch the boat, no person is allowed to touch me.  When they feed me they have to do it in such a way that they aren't pulling in the water.  Can't draft off the boat, and can't touch land until it's time to touch land."

Simmons, who has multiple sclerosis, had to scrub an earlier attempt to cross the Strait earlier this month because of high winds.

She hopes to set off from Ogden Point around 1 o'clock Saturday and return the same time Sunday.

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