Victoria Mayor closely watching today's federal budget

Parlement du Canada

Victoria's Mayor hopes the city will benefit from today's Federal budget.

"I think the biggest one that mayors are watching for across the country is a significant investment in housing," says Lisa Helps. “We have a critical housing shortage here, all the way from people who are unfortunate enough to live in parks to people who are moving to Victoria for jobs but can't find a place to rent."

The mayor is also looking for any infrastructure money that could be used to improve the Belleville Terminal, "we don't expect to see a tiny little line item that says 'Belleville Terminal' in the federal budget but we do expect that we should see some funding coming out of this budget for the terminal."

The Belleville Terminal welcomes passengers coming to the capital aboard the Coho and Victoria Clipper ferries. For decades the city has been looking to build nicer facilities at that Inner Harbour location.

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