Victoria police investigating after old-growth logging protester hit by car during rally

A Victoria police vehicle is seen in this file photo (CTV)

Victoria police are investigating after an old-growth logging protester was hit by a car outside of the provincial law courts on Wednesday evening.

Police say the collision occurred around 6 p.m. when a group of activists were rallying outside of the law courts in the 600-block of Blanshard Street, with some on the sidewalk and some on the northbound lanes of the road.

Victoria police say the vehicle, which was travelling northbound on Blanshard Street, had just cleared the top of a hill with "low-visibility" when it crashed into a protester at a low speed.

Police spoke with the driver, the person struck, and nearby witnesses, and the police department says it does not believe there was any indication that the driver intentionally struck the person who moved into the roadway.

Investigators add that they are not aware of any prior conflict between the driver and the pedestrian before the crash occurred.

Police say the pedestrian was offered an ambulance but initially declined one. Soon after, the person requested an ambulance and was taken to hospital.

Activists with the Rainforest Flying Squad have differing accounts of the crash.

The group says the person who was hit by the car, Warren Kimmit, had stepped in front of an Indigenous Elder "whom he believed the car was aiming for."

He says he was able to push the senior, Rose Henry, also known as Grandma Losah, out of the way before the car hit him and he rolled onto the hood of the vehicle.

The Rainforest Flying Squad says a man who witnessed the crash, Zach Smith, saw the vehicle slowly approach the group of protesters before it "jerked to the right and accelerated" towards Henry and Kimmit.

Police say no one was arrested in connection to the incident.

Victoria police say the crash is still under investigation. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Victoria police at 250-995-7654.

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