Victoria student pricked by needle during outing to Beacon Hill Park

South Park Family School Principal Sean McCartney/CTV

A school outing to Beacon Hill Park took a dark turn Friday after one student was pricked by a discarded needle.

South Park Family School Principal Sean McCartney informed families in a letter home that a student had put her hand on the ground which was then punctured by the needle.

McCartney says both Island Health and the child's parents were contacted immediately and adds proper protocols were followed, a fact of life for a school situated near the downtown core.

"Because we're an urban school and we are downtown and discarded hypodermic needles is (sic) a reality for us, we are always aware. We have lots of protocols in place to keep kids safe and we will be discussing it."

And as for the student...

"She was taken to get medical assistance and she was discharged and is home with her family. She is safe and well at the moment."

According to McCartney, a class was doing an outdoor gym activity in Beacon Hill Park when a female student was pricked by an uncapped needle.

"The student crouched down and just leaned her hand on the ground and unfortunately it went right onto a discarded hypodermic needle."

The incident troubled McCartney both as a principal and a father, but he is relieved that such incidents are rare given the school's proximity to the downtown core.

"I wear both my principal hat and my dad hat when something like this happens. It's something we unfortunately have to think about but we never want to happen and from my awareness this is a very rare occurrence and to the best of my knowledge this hasn't happened ever before."

South Park Family School teaches students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 and is located across Douglas Street from Beacon Hill Park.

Classes take outings there regularly and students are being reminded to report needles and other dangerous items to an adult and to avoid touching or picking up the item.

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