West Shore RCMP capture dog trying to attack mother and child


West Shore RCMP captured a large dog that tried to attack a mother and her young child on Friday afternoon.

Cnst. Nancy Saggar says a witness called police about 4pm to report the dog actively trying to bite a small child near the intersection of Glen Lake Rd and Monnington Place in Langford.

" As soon as they got there they actually indeed saw a 3 year old child and a mother at this location, and a large stray dog that was growling and lunging towards the pair. So the mother had, I guess prior to police arrival just in desperation trying to save her kid, put her 3 year old on top a nearby vehicle, like on the roof, so she could try to fend off the dog and not have the dog get to the child."

The dog did bit through the woman’s rain boot prior to police arriving on scene but did not break through the skin.

The officer was able to capture the dog using a leash retrived from his vehicle. It has been turned over  to CRD Animal Control who are trying to determine who owns it.

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