• Federal politics

    Al spoke with Dr. Michael Prince, Acting Director and Lansdowne Professor School of Public Health and Social Policy at UVic.

    Today's CFAX 1070 news poll is asking: If the federal election were held today, who would you vote for? 

  • Atmospheric River Anniversary

    Al spoke with Rob Fleming, BC Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure

    This week marks two-year anniversary of the atmospheric river system that ripped across part of Vancouver Island and the mainland including shutting down the Malahat.

  • Free Downtown Parkade Parking November 18th and 25th

    Al spoke with Jeff Bray, Chief Executive Officer, Downtown Victoria Business Association

    Park for free at nine downtown parkades this Saturday and next, thanks to an initiative by the Downtown Victoria Business Association, the Bay Centre and Robbins Parking.

  • Affordability crisis is making an impact on charitable giving

    Al speaks with Christine Hewitt-Goodsir, executive director, CFAX Santas Anonymous

    Is there major decline in charitable giving amid Canada's affordability crisis? Will C-FAX 1070 listeners rally and help Victoria children and families for Christmas? 


  • Saanich PD committed to increase the representation of women in police

    Al speaks with Dean Duthie, Chief Constable. Saanich Police

    What is the 30 x 30 initiative and how is Saanich Police working towards it?


  • Are local food banks seeing an increase in need?

    Al speaks with Tyson Elder, Operations Manager, Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank

    A Statistics Canada study says nearly seven million Canadians struggled with hunger last year. How are local food banks doing?

  • Proposed bill on coercive control

    Al spoke with Laurel Collins, NDP MP for Victoria

    An update on a proposed bill on coercive control and the personal story a Collins family member experienced

  • Wolf dog still evading capture

    Al spoke with Gary Shade, co founder , Find Lost and Escaped Dogs Vancouver Island (F.L.E.D.)

    Residents in southeastern Vancouver Island are being asked to keep an eye out for a large wolf-dog mix-breed that has been wandering around for nearly two months 

  • Housing minister expresses frustration over fraudulent workaround in short-term rental regulations

    Al spoke with Ravi Kahlon, BC Housing Minister

    Kahlon says he's shocked and frustrated by an attempt to recruit people to take part in what he calls a fraud to get around new rules about short-term rentals

  • BC politician fires back at controversial YouTube video

    Al spoke with Vaughn Palmer, Columnist , The Vancouver Sun

    A BC politician who faced backlash after appearing in a controversial YouTube video criticizing the province's harm-reduction approach to drug use has slammed the production as "inaccurate and exploitative."


  • The Social Impacts of The Israel-Hamas Conflict

    Leger Executive Vice President Steve Mossop joins Adam to speak about a survey that highlights the impacts of the Israel-Hamas conflict on public safety and immigration in Canada. 

  • What Can Parents Do To Support Online Youth

    Brandon Laur, CEO & Instructor with The White Hatter, speaks with Adam on the steps parents and caregivers can take to help support youth facing sextortion. 

  • Adam Stirling Hour 4 – November 28 – 2023

    Text and Open lines are available for listeners to speak with Adam on the topics covered on the show including Victoria taxes and state of downtown.

  • Adam Stirling Hour 3 – November 28 – 2023

    Brandon Laur, CEO & Instructor with The White Hatter, speaks with Adam on a the steps parents and caregivers can take to help support young facing sextortion. Text and Open lines are available for listeners to weigh in on topics covered on the show including Esquimalt businesses and amenities.  

  • A Local Couple Wins Millions In Lottery

    Residents of Victoria could face tax hikes upwards of 8%. A Victoria couple wins 5 million from a lottery plan to travel. Today marks the 11th anniversary of Emma Fillipoff’s disappearance.  83-year-old Nanaimo woman was struck by a van. 44 cats and dogs were rescued from off the coast of Nanaimo as SPCA asks for donations. New data shows that government impersonation is one of the biggest scams in Canada. Saskatchewan starts a tribunal to look into Ottawa’s clean energy initiative. More hostages have been released in the Israel-Hamas conflict. 41 construction workers rescued from collapsed tunnel.

  • Adam Stirling Hour 2 – November 28 – 2023

    The discourse continues with Adam on Victoria City Council’s scientific survey that examines residents’ concerns and challenges in Victoria. Leger Executive Vice President Steve Mossop joins Adam to speak about a survey that highlights the impacts of the Israel-Hamas conflict on public safety and immigration in Canada.

  • Adam Stirling Hour 1 – November 28 – 2023

    Adam starts the show by covering municipal governments including Victoria City Council’s budget and a scientific survey conducted to gage the public’s reception to aspects of life in the capital city.

  • Adam Stirling Hour 4 – November 27 – 2023

    Adam engages with listeners through Text and Open lines on Downtown Victoria, supporting the un-housed, safe supply, and Indigenous consultation.

  • Adam Stirling Hour 3 – November 27 – 2023

    Text and Open lines are available for listeners to voice their opinions and concerns with Adam on the substance/drug use in the Greater Victoria area and on the challenges with safe supply in B.C. After, Adam covers the municipal government’s lack of inclusion of local Indigenous communities and public safety.

  • Saanich Police Searching for Suspect After 7-Eleven Robbery

    A Sooke man is facing charges of public mischief and causing unnecessary suffering to animal. Saanich police searching for suspect after a robbery at a 7-Eleven. Police is Prince George says a 12 year old boy took his own life after online sextortion. Officials say Paul Bernardo has no chance of being moved to a lesser security prison. VicPD presents data to City Council that highlights the state of crime in Victoria. A lost Saanich man was found suffering the effects of cold weather. New report shows the dire housing challenges faced in Inuit communities. The Israel-Hamas ceasefire has been extended by two days. A recent Vermont shooting is being investigated as a hate crime.

  • The Whole Home Show Nov 25

    Chief Economist of the British Columbia Real Estate Association talks 2023, rising interest rates, holding prices and what the future holds for real estate in BC and Victoria.


  • Nov 25 2023 - Tech Talk

    Kyle Wilson, Colwood-based IT Specialist, Wikipedia Administrator, and Tech Editor for ​Business Insider, joins us on air. 

  • DU 305 A Pinot Revisited and Seaweed Stout

    Pick of the Week: Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir, Chile, 2021 (importantly, the 2021)

  • Nov 18 2023 - Tech Talk

    Gary Beyer, owner of Tesseract 2.0 Computers, joins us on air.

  • 304 Dork vs the Machine 2 Podcast

    Pick of the Week: Saint Louis Brut Blanc de Blancs, France

    Results of the Dork vs. the Machine Challenge:


    Vinho Verde - light shellfish (scallops, prawns), lightly dressed salads, light cheese.

    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - white fish, muscles, oysters, goat cheese, citrus dressed salad, chicken, turkey, por.

    Vancouver Island Pinot Gris - fish/salmon, lightly dressed salad, chicken or lighter meats, pasta with cream sauce or risotto.


    Chilean Pinot Noir - beef bourguignon, chicken/turkey/duck, mid-range cheeses, salmon.

    Malbec - steak, ossobuco, beef wellington, rich pastas, stews, and... Doritos?

    Monastrell - Spanish cheeses, hearty stews, grilled or roasted meats like lamb. 


  • Nov 11 2023 - Tech Talk

    Francis Baklinski, Tech at Priority 1 Computers, joins us on air. 

  • DU 303 We're all about savings

    Wines discussed:

    Rose and Sparking

    -Codorniu Cava Classico, Spain $16
    -Lago Vinho Verde Rose, Portugal - $12


    -Umani Ronchi Verdicchio, Italy - $20
    -Morande Semillon, Chile - $ 16
    -Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone Blanc, France - $16
    -Altopiano Bianco Terre di Chieti,Italy - 1.5 litre $17


    -Gabiano Cianti Classico, Italy $19
    -Briccotondo Barbera, Italy $16
    -Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State - $16
    -Pietrame Montepulciano, D'Abruzzo - $13
    -Quid Pro Quo, Portugal - $13

  • The Whole Home Show Nov 4

    Show sponsor Westland Insurance's JP Celiz talks insurance with a discussion on wildfires, earthquakes and strata insurance.



  • Nov 4 2023 - Tech Talk

    Charles Martin, Victoria Mac and iOS User Group Program Director, London Drugs In-Home Tech Specialist, and host of the AppleInsider.com Daily Podcast, joins us on air. 

  • DU 302 Dork vs. the Machine

    Pick of the Week: El Petit Bonhomme, Verdejo, Spain