304 Dork vs the Machine 2 Podcast


Pick of the Week: Saint Louis Brut Blanc de Blancs, France

Results of the Dork vs. the Machine Challenge:


Vinho Verde - light shellfish (scallops, prawns), lightly dressed salads, light cheese.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - white fish, muscles, oysters, goat cheese, citrus dressed salad, chicken, turkey, por.

Vancouver Island Pinot Gris - fish/salmon, lightly dressed salad, chicken or lighter meats, pasta with cream sauce or risotto.


Chilean Pinot Noir - beef bourguignon, chicken/turkey/duck, mid-range cheeses, salmon.

Malbec - steak, ossobuco, beef wellington, rich pastas, stews, and... Doritos?

Monastrell - Spanish cheeses, hearty stews, grilled or roasted meats like lamb.