The Late Showgram with Jim Richards

Jim Richards

Tired of all the professional talk show opinions about the news of the world?  Looking for a different take?  Well than you've found the right place.  Listen as host, writer, and political commentator Jim Richards takes Canadians through the news and social issues of the day.

  • Dopplegangers; Olympic Fact Or Fiction; Embarrassed to Buy

    Jim talks about people who tell him what famous people he looks like Olympic Fact or Fiction game. What things are you too embarrassed to purchase?
  • Father my Baby; Things I Wish I Enjoyed More and Tokyo DJ Kamasami Kong

    David Cooper's friend and funny lady Tracy stays on and surprises her boyfriend by telling him she wants him to father her baby. Find out whether he likes the idea. David and Jim discuss favourite quotes and more interesting quiz questions. Jim goes through a list of things he wishes he enjoyed more and then reads listener texts on the topic. Roller Coasters anyone?! We speak to legendary Tokyo DJ Kamasami Kong!
  • Jest the News, The Feels and the Richard Crouse Movie Game

    Jest the news where Jim and friends find funny news stories to talk about and satirize. This week Dave Martin and Rebecca Reeds join the Showgram The Feels - the stories that will pull on the heart strings. Richard Crouse's Movie game where we guess what rating our favourite movie critic and expert gave to these films.  
  • Pay It Forward; Style Maturity; Is This Interesting? Who Decided that was safe to eat?

    Jim tells a story about Paying it forward at the drive-thru Research says that men reach style maturity at 30; Agree or disagree? Is this Olympic fact interesting? Who experimented to decide which foods were safe to eat or delicious?
  • Jim Muses the News; David Cooper Winging It

    Jim Muses the news including the coverage encampment evictions of city parks David Cooper joins the show and he is armed with topics to wing. "What dangerous hobbies do you have?" turns into a discussion about cycling. We find out how Jim puts on his socks and shoes... 
  • Miranda Calls In; It's Funny When It Doesn't Happen to You; Being Caught Naked

    David Cooper and Jim Richards riff on a few more topics when David's partner Miranda calls in to applaud Jim and give some advice. What is funny unless it happens to you? Have you ever been caught naked?
  • Two From Tokyo; Music News Game; Evictions of Homeless Encampments

    We talk to two former Canadians who are currently living in Tokyo for an update on Olympics and life. Peter Cassidy starts us off, and later Jay Lamore joins the Showgram. Eric Alper is the music expert, a writer, broadcaster and musicologist. We play a game of guess the artist and why they are in the news.
  • Corporate Email; Rocket Shapes; Richard Johnson

    Jim wants a follow up on what is happening with newer music and producer Tony reads the email response he received from the boss. Jeff Bezos rocket is very phallic shaped.  Richard Johnson is the only person in the world to not post on social media about the shape of Jeff Bezos Rocket.
  • Jim Muses The News; David Cooper; Sleep Routines

    Jim muses the news including stories from Tokyo Olympics David Cooper joins the Showgram and the we discuss bedtime and sleep routines.
  • Patrick Maliha; Ross Rebagliati

    Patrick Maliha joins the show as he does every week and discusses anxiety of opening up and being in public after 15 months of lockdowns. Ross Rebagliati is a Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Winner (Snowboarding 1998). He joins the show to talk about his experience. Rob is now married with kids and runs his own business.