WealthBeing by Island Savings


Being in good financial health makes you feel at ease every day. You are free to pursue your goals and prepared to manage your future needs. Could your pocketbook be in better shape?

If life has thrown you a financial curveball, or if you just want to be more in control of your money, tune-in to WealthBeing. Every week, we diagnose a spending, saving, borrowing, investing, or other financial problem to provide simple advice that can help you thrive.

You’ll hear about real-life financial challenges that our Island Savings hosts, guests and members have encountered. We’ll share the time-tested financial solutions we recommend to members. And every week you’ll receive a simple strategy that you can use right away to improve your financial health.

Listen to WealthBeing live on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. on CFAX 1070.

To listen to past episodes, visit www.islandsavings.ca/simple-advice/money-advice/wealthbeing-podcast-simple-advice-to-help-you-thrive


Our WealthBeing Hosts

Travis Koivula
Senior Wealth Advisor | Senior Investment Advisor
Island Savings Insurance Services | Credential Securities

(250) 386 4003


Derrick Sketchley
Branch Manager, Island Savings

(250) 474 7262


If you have an undiagnosed financial concern or want to better understand a financial subject, send us a question and we will consider it for a future episode.