10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Music Lovers


Christmas is almost here and you’re wondering what to get for the music lovers on your list? Don’t worry, like a Christmas carol on a John Legend album, we’ve got you covered!

On her ubiquitous holiday track, Mariah Carey claims: “I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree … all I want for Christmas is you.” But, let’s be real – unless you’re Shawn Mendes holding a 20-pack of Timbits, we don’t want to find you under the festive conifer.

Here are 10 gift ideas for music fans that will have them singing your praises – and best of all, they’re all available for $50 or less.

Unisex Wireless Bluetooth Hat

These spiffy hats, which are available in black and grey, keep the noggin warm while filling your head with music (and allowing you to make calls). The battery provides up to six hours of use between charges and the speakers are removable so the hat can be washed.

$29.99, at The Source


Grit & Grace by Tim McGraw

Country music fans looking for a rockin’ dad bod will love this new tome from toned Tim McGraw. In Grit & Grace, the 52-year-old singer shares the story of his personal transformation and offers practical advice for becoming healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally.

$36.99 or less, at Indigo


Fenty Beauty

Just about anything from Fenty Beauty will be a hit with the Rihanna fan on your holiday list. Just like the pop star’s music, the collection is inclusive so you’ll have no trouble finding something for her, him – or someone who uses neither pronoun.

Prices vary, at Sephora


DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Given that cats love to scratch (and know a thing or two about licks), it’s surprising there aren’t any famous feline DJs (sorry, MC Skat Kat). This cardboard scratching pad resembles a turntable, allowing someone’s kitty to pretend they’re the next deadmau5.

$46.55, at Uncommon Goods


Carry & Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to the iHeartRadio app on the go is easy thanks to this fashionable portable speaker with a built-in handle. You can hang it up somewhere if you prefer and stream music or your favourite podcast from up to 10 metres away. It’s available in different colours, too!

$39.99, at The Source


Shop Local

True music fans know they can find what they are looking for at independent record stores, especially if they’re into collecting vinyl. Find something special for him or her at a local record shop, where you’re bound to find a worker eager to make recommendations. Many also offer gift cards. Touring music celebs often stop in at Toronto’s Sonic Boom and Vancouver’s Neptoon but there are indie record stores in cities and towns from Fred’s in St. John’s to Ditch Records in Victoria.


Fender Strat Cutting Board

Sweet dreams are made of this… and who are we to diss a brie? Rock fans who also appreciate a fine cheese will love this cutting board made of recycled wood in the shape of the famed guitar maker’s Telecaster and Stratocaster.

$24.99, at Amazon.ca


Sengled Pulse Solo

Here’s a bright idea! Back when phones were only used for making calls, light bulbs were only capable of providing light. It’s true, kids. Now we can listen to music wherever there’s a socket! This dimmable LED light delivers stereo sound from Bluetooth speakers. Screw it in and control it from your mobile device.

$49.97, at Home Depot


Virginia Black

Drake fans (who, unlike his texting buddy Billie Eilish, are legal drinking age) can sip this premium whiskey, which is a collaboration between the Toronto rap superstar and Brent Hocking, creator of DeLeón Tequila.

Price varies by province (currently $44.95 at Ontario’s LCBO and $50.99 at BC Liquor)


Magnetic Poetry Kit: Music Lover

Come on, it’s right there in the name! The kit comes with more than 200 magnetic word tiles to bring out the songwriter in anyone with a fridge.

$42.04, at Amazon.ca

Record store photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images. Prices shown are subject to change. The Source is part of the parent company of this website.