LISTEN: Grohl, Davison make appearance on Taylor Hawkins' side project


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently announced that his side project, the Coattail Riders will be releasing a new album titled Get the Money. The 10-track album is boasting musical cameos from heavy hitters like Duff McKagan, Nancy Wilson, Perry Farrell, Mark King, Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, LeAnn Rimes, Roger Taylor, and Pat Smear.

The opening track from the album, "Crossed the Line" is no exception and features Foo bandmate Dave Grohl and Yes singer, Jon Davison.


Get the Money is the third album from Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. The album is produced by Hawkins himself and John Lousteau and mixed by Sylvia Massy. It hits shelves on November 8.

Get The Money tracklisting:

  1.  “Crossed the Line" (featuring Dave Grohl, Jon Davison)
  2. “Don’t Look At Me That Way" (featuring Duff McKagan, Nancy Wilson)
  3. “You’re No Good at Life No More" (featuring Dave Grohl)
  4. “I Really Blew It" (featuring Dave Grohl, Perry Farrell)
  5. “Queen Of The Clowns" (featuring Mark King)
  6. “Get the Money" (featuring Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, Duff McKagan)
  7. “C U in Hell" (featuring LeAnn Rimes)
  8. “Middle Child" (featuring Dave Grohl)
  9. “Kiss the Ring”
  10. “Shapes Of Things" (featuring Roger Taylor, Pat Smear)