Listening to full albums could benefit your mental health


Just in time for National Album Day on October 12, results from a British survey suggest listening to a full album might benefit your mental health.

The survey conducted by Fly Research in August 2019 had 82.9% of respondents agreeing that listening to music helped them to relax. 76.4% of those surveyed acknowledged that listening to albums made them feel better when they were feeling down. 74.3% found that listening to their favourite album brought them a sense of comfort. And 64.7% agreed that listening to their favourite album could bring their mood up.

Author, academic and U.K. music scene ally Dr. Julia Jones, AKA Dr. Rock, isn't surprised by the results. "We’ve been aware of the scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of music on the brain and body for decades. We also know that taking “time out” of our hectic schedules is essential to maintain our well-being. So the album offers a perfect recipe for delivering the cocktail of neurochemical and physiological benefits, while also ensuring we enjoy an extended break."

Eating a favourite food and reading were the top 2 activities which respondents identified as mood boosters. Listening to an album came next and was followed by exercise, watching a movie, watching television, gardening, and napping.

You can find more results from the survey here