Mark McGrath, Sonny Sandoval Record Fake Break-Up Messages


A prankster paid to have Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath and P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval record fake break-up messages to "Braydn" from "Cheyenne."

Both singers sell personalized video messages via Cameo. McGrath commands $100 per clip and Sandoval charges only $20.

McGrath tried to make the fictional Bradyn feel good in a two-minute clip in which he informs him that Cheyenne wants to end their relationship.

“The long distance thing is just a little difficult for her,” the “When It’s Over” singer said. “She wants you to stay positive, she wants you to be friends.”

McGrath told the supposed Sugar Ray fan: “I wish I was delivering you good news. Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high-five someday dude and we can maybe laugh about this sometime.”

He ends the clip by saying: “We love you Braydn. Be positive, bro.”

Sandoval also tries to soften the blow by inviting Braydn to meet in person. “I hope maybe the next time we’re touring in your city, you can come hang out and I can try to make this up,” he said.

Sandoval, who recorded his clip (watch it below) while walking under the Eiffel Tower, told Braydn: “I thought I would make this as special as possible. I got a message from your friend Cheyenne and she says that you mean a lot to her but this long distance relationship is kind of crazy … and it’s a little tough. She still wants to be friends and she cares a lot about you.”

He added:  “I just want to wish you the best my friend and there’s love out there for you, that’s for sure.”

Both Sandoval and McGrath noted that Braydn is working on his thesis so he clearly has a bright future.

The Cameo customer, whose name on Twitter is Hunter Malik Shabazz, posted McGrath’s break-up video on Nov. 16, four days after he ordered it, and it went viral this week.

He also shared a break-up message for Bradyn from former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who charges $100 on Cameo.

“If you’re having a bad day just think about me getting my ass shot up at the White House and blown to pieces in my life," the Mooch said.

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