Montreal venue looking for help finding vandals who trashed stage

Update from the venue: "We are happy to say the guilty parties came forward today and made things right with the Ritz. We really appreciate all the support everyone has given us these last few days. Thank you."

Montreal independent venue, Bar Le Ritz PDB is appealing to the public to find vandals who trashed their stage this past weekend.

It is believed the incident took place late Saturday night during an indie rock dance party.

Venue operators are currently looking for three persons of interest. One male is being described as tall, blondish, with long hair. Another male has a buzz cut and was wearing a grey long sleeve shirt. And lastly, witnesses identified a female with French braids who was wearing skinny jeans and a white top.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the venue directly through their social media pages.

Bar Le Ritz PDB is located at 179 Jean Talon West in Montreal's Mile Ex neighbourhood.