New study suggests music could help alleviate pain


A new study out of McGill University in Montreal has found a correlation between listening to music and pain management.

The study consisted of subjecting participants to levels of pain similar to that of holding a scalding hot beverage for a few seconds while listening to some of their favourite songs.

Mathieu Roy who is with McGill University's psychology department revealed that researchers "found that the favourite music was more effective than relaxing music. That's not surprising in itself, but it was the first time we'd been able to demonstrate it."

According to the findings, songs that provided a sense of nostalgia were the most effective in reducing the pain that participants experienced.

Roy added, "There are some people who feel a kind of chill running down their back. The more chills associated with this type of music, the greater the analgesia."

The study could potentially lead to alternative ways of helping people cope with pain that do not involve narcotics.