Parents heavily influence their child's musical tastes: survey


U.S. ticketing company TickPick recently polled approximately 500 parents and 500 individuals to better understand how their musical tastes developed. 

The results start by revealing how respondents were exposed to new music. Among the top 5 sources were friends (66%), the radio (59%), movies (52%), fathers (48%), and mothers (45%). Television (44%), concerts (39%), siblings (33%), social media (23%), and hobbies (20%) followed.

64% of parents admitted that they tried to influence their child's musical palate arguing that they did so for various reasons: steering their kids away from inappropriate lyrics (58%), to push their own preferences (50%), and to avoid what they might perceive as negative music influences (38%).

The survey also found that most people remember hearing their favourite band at the age of 13. 12.5 was the average age when people heard their first explicit lyrics.

89% of parents who attended a concert with their kids felt the experience was a great bonding opportunity. The feeling is reciprocal seeing as respondents who attended concerts with a mother or father claim they felt a deeper connection with their parents.

When it comes to parents' tastes, it was concluded that 2 out of 3 parents were perceived as having good musical taste.

Parents who are primarily fans of indie rock were most likely to try to influence their offspring's tastes. Rocker parents are most likely to want to pass on their passion for the genre to their kids compared to parents who are into other genres. Close behind were parents whose favourite genres are jazz, classic rock, heavy metal, country and folk.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, parents into punk claim they were less likely to try to push their favourite genre on their kids.