Paying tribute to Eddie Van Halen


Eddie Van Halen passed away on Tuesday at the age of 65. CHOM 97 7's Terry DiMonte was joined by a handful of musicians, broadcasters, and industry players who each shared their own unique tribute to the guitar god.

Jonas Tomalty

Jonas has become a household name on Montreal's music scene. He shares his memories of meeting Eddie Van Halen when his band opened for Van Halen:

Geneviève Borne

Geneviève Borne has interviewed some of the biggest rockstars from around the globe! Formerly a Musique Plus VJ, Geneviève discusses what it was like interviewing Eddie at the 5150 Studio:

Mitch Lafon

Host of Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon (available on iHeartRadio), Mitch Lafon discusses how the loss of Eddie Van Halen affected him personally:

Steve Brown

Steve Brown is the founder of TRIXTER and has also played alongside the likes of Def Leppard and Dennis DeYoung. He shares the story of how he met and became friends with Eddie Van Halen and how he wanted to mimic Van Halen in terms of musicianship:

Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan shares her memories of how she was introduced to Van Halen's music and how she met Eddie and the band and was asked to sing for them:

Joe Trohman's written tribute

Fall Out Boy guitarist, Joe Trohman penned a beautiful tribute to Eddie Van Halen in Variety.


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