Sheepdogs Get Sheared After Raising $15k In 'Movember'


A pair of Sheepdogs got sheared Friday night.

Drummer Sam Corbett and bassist Ryan Gullen of the Canadian rock band made good on a pledge to shave their beards if they raised at least $10,000 during this year’s Movember campaign in support of men’s health.

“My face hasn't been shaved since 2006 so I'm a bit scared,” Gullen admitted, in a release, before the shave at The Night Owl Barber Shop in Toronto. “I’m excited to see what's under there.”

Gullen promised to lose the beard if The Sheepdogs raised $10,000. Instead, they collected $15,500.

“It really speaks to the generosity of our fans,” he said.

In the summer of 2018, Corbett was diagnosed with testicular cancer that spread into the retroperitoneal lymph nodes in his abdomen. He underwent surgery to remove a tumour and endured weeks of radiation treatment.

The band shared photos of its newly-shorn members on Instagram. “THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for … making our @movember campaign such a success,” read the caption.

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