Sigur Rós Cleared Of Tax Evasion Charges


Tax evasion charges against members of Sigur Rós have been dropped, according to the Icelandic rock band’s management.

“The band have always strenuously denied any intention or wrongdoing related to the case,” read a statement.

The Reykjavík District Court earlier this month dismissed the charges against Jón þór Birgisson, Georg Hólm, Kjartan Sveinsson and Orri Páll Dýrason – who were accused of avoiding about $1.7 million in taxes between 2011 and 2014 – based on the rule that a defendant can’t be punished more than once for the same offence.

“The band had already agreed to pay all outstanding historical taxes and fines to the revenue services, but were being separately pursued by the Icelandic District Attorney for further fines and sentencing relating to the same period,” the statement from Sigur Rós management explained.

The musicians were charged with tax evasion in March and roughly $8.7 million worth of their assets were frozen pending trial. The members of Sigur Rós blamed a former accountant for the unpaid taxes.

The prosecution has appealed for the dismissal of charges to be reviewed by Iceland’s High Court later this year.

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