Topless JUNOs Stage Crasher Is B.C. Environmental Activist


The woman who crashed the JUNOs stage on Monday night has bared her breasts to draw attention to environmental causes before.

Casey Hatherly, 37, is an activist known as Ever.

Last August, she scaled the Victoria Visitor Centre and remained topless on its roof for more than two hours to draw attention to Save Old Growth, which describes itself as a “civil resistance campaign demanding an END to old growth logging.”

“My dangerous areolas are a threat to some,” she told Victoria Buzz. “I’m attracting attention to raise an alarm for our world in crisis – a place where ancient trees that give all of us the oxygen we breathe are clear cut for profit.”

Victoria Police did not make an arrest.

Facebook / Save Old Growth

Two months earlier, Hatherly climbed over a barrier and onto the field at Vancouver’s BC Place during an international soccer match. She removed her top and proceeded to attach herself to a goalpost with plastic zip ties.

Vancouver Police arrested Hatherly but the Crown declined to pursue a mischief charge.

In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page, Hatherly explained: "We did it because throughout history we have seen that is the only way that change is made.”

Following the topless stunt at the JUNO Awards, Edmonton Police charged Hatherly with mischief.

After a court appearance on Wednesday, Hatherly told reporters she was surprised how easy it was to get on stage. "I just walked up there," she said. "If you want to do something you’re the only thing that’s in your way."

Avril Lavigne was introducing a performance by AP Dhillon when a woman emerged from the crowd, removed her top and walked up the steps onto the stage. Various messages were handwritten on her body, including "Stop Logging Old Growth Now," "Land Back" and “Save the Green Belt.”

Lavigne tried to ignore the interloper but eventually turned around and told her to “get the f**k off, b***h.”

CARAS, which stages the JUNOs, said in a statement that it hopes the “brief disruption doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of this year’s performers, winners and nominees.”

Hatherly could not be reached for comment. Save Old Growth’s website is offline and the group has not posted on Facebook or Instagram since November or on Twitter since last May.

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