WATCH: Cool Mom Creates Beastie Boys-Inspired Video


A Toronto family is getting plenty of attention thanks to its Beastie Boys-inspired holiday creation.

Angela Young, an editor at production company Unreasonable Studios, sent family members and friends Christmas cards with a QR code that links to a minute-long video featuring she and her two children.

An homage to the Beastie Boys video for 1998’s “Intergalactic,” the clip shows Young and her son and daughter in hard hats and yellow vests frolicking around downtown Toronto.

“Getting those work suits in child size was a lot harder than you’d think,” Young wrote in a caption on Instagram.

The video, titled “Celestial Greetings,” was directed by Sean McLeod and shot by Christian Flook – both colleagues of Young. Locations included Union Station, Yonge-Dundas Square and a TTC subway car.

Reactions to the video are overwhelmingly positive. "How fun is your family?," one person asked. Other comments included "This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Christmas" and "This is about as awesome as awesome gets."

Watch it below:

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