WATCH: Morrissey Stops Show To Eject Protester


Morrissey has never been one to shy away from expressing his opinions – just look at his protests of Canada’s east coast seal hunt – but on Monday night he made it clear that people at his shows can’t do the same.

The singer stopped his concert in Portland, Oregon after spotting someone in the crowd holding a sign with a crossed-out logo for the far-right political party For Britain and another that read “Bigmouth Indeed” (a reference to the Smiths song “Bigmouth Strikes Again.”

“Let’s be quite frank,” Morrissey said. “When you with the sign are removed, I will continue. Otherwise, get out, now.”

Asking for the house lights to be turned up, Morrissey repeatedly shouts “Go! Goodbye!” and “We don’t need you!” until the protester leaves.

Morrissey has come under fire for his public support of For Britain and its anti-immigration stand.

The singer finished the Portland show but cancelled Tuesday’s scheduled concert in Seattle without explanation. A message from the promoter read: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Morrissey will not be able to perform tonight’s concert scheduled in Seattle, Washington.”

Morrissey’s next scheduled show is in San Francisco on Thursday. He performs Oct. 10 in Edmonton, Oct. 11 in Calgary, Oct. 14 and 15 in Vancouver, and Oct. 21 in Winnipeg.

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