Yungblud Blasts Iran Over Death Of Mahsa Amini


Yungblud paused his set Saturday at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware to blast Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini.

“I’m so f**king angry right now and every time something in the world happens like this, I ask myself if I’m gonna f**king talk about it or not,” the 25-year-old singer screamed. “Last week in the country of Iran, a young girl called Mahsa Amini was murdered for wearing her hair outside of her hijab.

“I am not gonna stand here and question someone’s religion, but I am gonna f**king fight for expression. I am gonna fight for freedom and I am gonna fight for the women of f**king Iran right now.”

Iranians have taken to the streets every night since the 22-year-old died after being arrested by the morality police on Sept. 16 for not wearing a hijab properly. Protesters have set fires, and thrown rock at police while some women have removed and burned their hijabs.

Yungblud fumed: “The right to express yourself is your right and your right alone! Since last week in the country of Iran, the internet has been disabled in some places meaning they cannot communicate with the rest of the f**king world. So it is up to us to talk for them.”

The rocker shared video of his message on social media with the caption: "SPEAK UP !!!"

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