'I can only laugh': Montreal barbers seek kissing couple who smashed their storefront

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By Jackie Dunham, CTV News

TORONTO -- The owners of a Montreal barbershop that had its glass door broken by a couple in the throes of passion want to find the pair to make sure they weren’t injured and to offer to treat them to a night in a hotel.

Mike Rose and Dave Lechasseur, co-owners of the Savvy Barbershop located in Montreal’s La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood, would like to identify the couple who smashed through the shop’s glass door as they were making out early on Monday morning.

“It’s just to go full circle to see if everybody’s fine, nobody got hurt. How did that actually end for them? It’s just to see,” Lechasseur told CTV’s Your Morning on Friday.

The shop’s owners said they’re even willing to pay for a night’s stay in a hotel for the couple if they come forward and identify themselves.

“I think we kind of really want to know what happened after they crashed through the window,” Rose added.

The incident was captured by the barbershop’s surveillance cameras on Monday morning. The video, which has since racked up thousands of views on social media, shows the couple embracing as they back into the store’s glass front door and fall through it.

Lechasseur said he initially thought either a robber or an intoxicated individual had smashed the glass.

“I received a call from the police saying that we had a break-in during the night. So they told me basically to look at the camera footage to see if there was anything stolen,” he recalled. “So I was searching through the footage for the night… I couldn't find it until I came around like 6:50 a.m. on the cameras in the morning and there was a couple smashing through a window, literally.”

Lechasseur said he sent the video to Rose who immediately burst out laughing.

“I showed the cops the story and had a good laugh with the cops as well, and then we just posted the video because we thought it was funny,” Rose said.

Despite the damage to the glass door, Rose said they’re not upset about what happened.

“I was only angry when I thought we were robbed, but once I saw that it was a couple that burst in through the window, I can only laugh,” he said. “It’s not a big deal… nothing was stolen. It’s an accident. It's a funny accident, but it's an accident nonetheless.”

Even if the couple doesn’t come forward and take the barbershop owners up on their offer of a paid stay at a hotel, Rose said he wouldn’t mind.

“I think that there's something romantic about never finding out who it is. They just stay this mystery couple that'll be part of our history forever. It's kind of fun,” he said.