Montreal hip hop star Annakin Slayd releases catchy Habs playoff anthem 'Rock the Sweater'

Montreal musician Annakin Slayd released a new song as a tribute to the Montreal Canadiens, featuring Habs fans across the country kissing their jerseys in a show of pride for the team. (Screen grab via YouTube/AnnakinSlayd)

Habs fans hoping they’ll be singing all the way to the finals now have a catchy new tune to carry them there along the way.

Montreal-based hip hop musician and writer Annakin Slayd released what could be the Habs’ anthem of the 2021, Rock the Sweater, and watching the music video will make any diehard fan shed a little tear.

With lyrics like “We rock the sweater, we rock it proud, Roch like Carrier, we rock it loud” the song evokes the pride anyone feels after pulling on a Canadiens jersey.

Slayd released Rock the Sweater several years ago, but produced a new version for 2021 with new lyrics and added new footage for the video with submissions from fans as well as clips of celebrities and players. In the video, released Monday just as the Habs are set to face Vegas in the semifinals, fans from across Canada show their pride by kissing their “CH” as the chorus “Gooooo Habs Gooooo” immediately gets stuck in your head.

“@CanadiensMTL have the best fanbase in all of sports,” Slayd said in a tweet announcing the video. “To me this video, which I couldn’t have done without you all, proves it.”

Slayd is no stranger to producing playoff anthems. In 2010, he released the song "Feels like '93," an ode to when the last Canadian team -- the Habs, of course -- won the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Several people on social media praised the new song, with some even saying it should be played at the Bell Centre. 

This is the best thing ever!!!!! Well done, @AnnakinSlayd!! I’m smiling and wiping tears of emotion all at once!!#RockTheSweater#GoHabsGo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— (((����������))) (@lissa77) June 15, 2021

That was amazing! It should be there locker room song before the game starts. Lol

— Daniel Lapierre (@danlapierre) June 15, 2021

“11 on my back and a C on my heart” gets me every time.❤️

— Sean (@SeanPLanigan) June 15, 2021


Man, the way @KnucklesNilan30 looked down at that crest gave me chills

Well done, goosebumps #GoHabsGo #habs

— Corinne (@onesmartmom) June 15, 2021 — Fernando de la Cruz (@DeLaCruzTweets) June 15, 2021