Mornings Rock with Jay, Sharon and Chantal

Jay Sharon and Chantal

Wake up with Mornings Rock with Jay, Sharon and Chantal weekdays from 5:30am - 10am. It’s a Montreal show filled with the rock you need to get going, laughs that will put a smile on your face, and stories you’re going to want to tell your friends. Whether you’re stuck in traffic on the 20 or a bridge, or if you're deciding whether to cut through the kitchen to get to your home office, Mornings Rock is the best way to start your day.


Jay Michaels cut his teeth in the business on rock radio in the Maritimes and is a self confessed music nerd. His relatives won’t stop trying to get him to hook them up with Habs tickets.


Sharon Hyland is Montreal’s Queen of Rock. Don’t challenge her to a duel in rock trivia or in the gym - the smart money is on her.


Chantal Desjardins has travelled the globe performing on comedy club stages (and even a yacht!) and has cracked up Montrealers at Just for Laughs.