City turns down Bar Le Ritz PDB’s request to have noise complaint trial delayed


Co-owner of Bar Le Ritz PDB, Meyer Billurcu took to social media late last week to express his frustration and disappointment with the City of Montreal. 

Just prior to the pandemic, the Little Italy venue received two noise-related fines totalling just under $2,000. Seeing as the venue has been forced to close since, Billurcu says they do not have sufficient funds to cover the fines for the time being. He instead asked that the court case be delayed until the venue is able to legally reopen. His request has been denied by the City of Montreal.

At full capacity, the Montreal venue can hold up to 300 patrons. As previously mentioned, the fines levied against the venue were issued prior to the pandemic. The venue has also invested in additional soundproofing measures since.

Bar Le Ritz PDB, located at 179 Jean Talon West, originally opened in 2008 under the banner Il Motore. At the time, the area served primarily as an industrial sector. The area has since fallen victim to gentrification and has seen a drastic increase in the amount of condo developments and luxury dwellings.