CUTE ALERT: A baby helicopter!


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Did you know that when a Mommy helicopter and a Daddy helicopter love each other, they make a baby helicopter?

You probably didn't, but hey kids do say the darndest things. 

A classic viral video has once again gone viral thanks to the "react" content creation on YouTube. In this clip from 2020, a young boy named Tyler is out with his aunt Shannon when they spot a dragonfly. Except Tyler doesn't know what a dragonfly is and can only make the next logical connection.


Fun fact about me: I am terrified of heights, but I love things like rock climbing. The logic baffles my wife. I explain it by saying when I go rock climbing or zip lining through the trees I am wearing a harness and am secured to a line somewhere that will keep me safe if I fall. Does it make sense? Maybe not, but it's enough to trick my brain into letting me do cool things.

However, if the guy standing behind this instructor was ever on the other end of my line making sure I don't fall and die, I wouldn't like my chances.

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