FUN: A girl, a spider and a chicken


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There's one thing I have always found fascinating about people who are afraid of spiders: the ones who are the biggest scaredy-cats usually have the crazier ideas on how to deal with them. As someone who spends a lot of time watching dumb videos on the internet I can tell you, this young woman has one of the more unique approaches to dealing with an 8-legged intruder.

She has her pet chicken deal with it.

While the chicken didn't quite understand the job description at first, eventually the spider was no longer a problem.

Question for single people: If you're on a first date and something incredible, nearly a one in a million chance happens, is that a sign you should see where things go?

If yes, well then maybe the couple in this video has a future. I would however recommend the young woman wear a helmet for date #2.

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