FUN: A new kind of gas car


Welcome to the Right Foot, a segment featured every morning on CJAD 800's Andrew Carter Morning Show to help you start your day with a smile and get you off on, well, the right foot.

It's Friday, that in and of itself should be enough to make you smile. Need more? It's the Friday before a long weekend. 

Now that you're in a happy place let's keep the good times rolling with an absolutely wholesome moment from a recent New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles game. 

A young fan managed to get his hands on a homerun ball, a souvenir anyone would be lucky to take home. Except, as the announcer on TV says "if you give a 5-year-old a baseball, they gonna sling it somewhere." And sling it somewhere he did, right back onto the field. 

Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks did spot the ball and threw it back into the stands, but in the wrong section. Thankfully, some nice fans made sure the ball found its way home.

I'm not a car guy. I don't know much about them and now I drive an electric car so the only gas in my car is thanks to my son.

I don't know if what's happening in this video is normal, but this one really gives new meaning to a gas car.

@itsryleebiitch I’m no mechanic but I’m pretty sure my car is farting?? just gonna keep telling myself that the man at o Riley’s was laughing WITH me not AT me #carfarting #shartingdownthestreet #rollingturd #isomechanic ? original sound - itsryleebitch