FUN: Candy or Potato?


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A Reddit user by the name of Kuebed decided to conduct a social experiment for Halloween. He posted the results last night. 

Every person, kid or adult, who came to his door would be offered either candy or a potato.

Why? Who knows, it's a weird thing someone decided to do and thanks to the internet we get to read about it.

Not as big a turnout at Kuebed's house as some people saw here, but still 102 trick-or-treaters. Of those, 18 chose to take home a potato (16.65%).

While you may want to just stop at the numbers and say "OK, cool" and pass on to the next weird thing, Kuebed delves a bit deeper with reactions and some of the random details of his experiment.

"Potato participants would get super excited about their choice in potato and we could hear them talking about the experience as they walked away excitedly with their group," he wrote. "I got a potato!" or "Guess what I got mommy?" were some of the fun quotes he decided to make note of.

Only kids chose potatoes, adults who participated in the experiment expressed "joyful confusion," thought out-loud before eventually picking candy. For the adults who were by their children not trick or treating, they would often immediately voice their preference for their child to choose the potato, often to no success.

Did anyone who picked a potato regret it? No. In fact Kuebed mentions how one group came back and asked if they could get seconds (which he obliged). Buyer's remorse was only observed in some of the candy pickers, who as they walked away would openly discuss if they made the right choice.

The single most memorable moment, according to Kuebed, was a super young girl who "without expression change or pause in thought" said "potato" almost before he even finished asking her to choose. She grabbed the potato "thanked me without change in emotion, and walked away."